Obligatory post from UMass’s 26 story library. (The 26th floor is reserved as faculty writing space and hey that’s me.)


For KL.

See also: Selective Perpetuation and Data, Information, Knowledge, Wisdom.

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no words to even describe how much I prefer cold weather over hot weather 

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Just breathing deeply.

Happy Christmas in July!

This going away party is going to be the best.

Sorry for the lack of (quality) activity lately. This is my last week in STL and I’ve been running around to catch up with people, pack, get my car inspected, and do a few things in STL I hadn’t done in awhile (like drink at some bars and go to the zoo).

I’ll have plenty to say on the trip out to Amherst (20 hours give or take) and much to share once I’m there. I leave early Sunday morning but still have a ton to do.

Thanks to all who have stuck around during the lull.


I’m out with my favorite prof and kinda drunk.

He’s basically the reason why I started dressing better.


I just got the best gift ever from armimo!
My beard smells like heaven and trees.

J Dilla's customized Moog and MPC are now being displayed at the Smithsonian’s African American Museum of History And Culture. The instruments are pictured with Jay Dee’s mother, Ma Dukes.

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